Daily Problem

Daily problem 1

Pamela Carballo
GEN 200
Monday 31, 2011
Monica Griffin

Daily problem 2
Daily problem
    One of my problems in my day to day life is not having more valuable time with my spouse.
We both work and go to school and there is just a few hours during the day to see each other
every day. When it comes to seeing each other during those free hours there seems to be less
valuable time together, because of the day to day barriers and conflicts we encounter.

    This problem becomes more conflicting when barriers such as watching television   and
surfing the web comes into play. Every day there seems to be some type of different sports game
on television, and when it comes to watching sports, men tend to not pay attention to anything,
not even people they love such as their spouses. That is when conflicts get started and the ladies
get really mad, because they get no attention. Typically men usually bond by doing things
together. For example men will remember: vacations, fishing trips, sports games, etc. Whereas
women will remember conversations, and details. That’s one of my day to day problems, not
enough conversation less valuable time with her.

    There are a lot of resources of information that could be gathered to solve this problem. Some
tips can be offered on the web and other information can be obtain by asking family members
and friends for their opinions, on how to have a better communication and more valuable time on
a marriage. Even though family members and friends can give you good advice on how to
manage your marriage, is not always good to follow everything that they say, because that advise
can make you better, or break your relationship, because everybody has different thoughts.
    Communication is always the key in any relationship but since you see your spouse every
day, the routine of your day takes away from spontaneous conversations. Everything change
when you get married,...