Daily Log


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This morning I (put your name) visisted NO NAME (Client) bedroom and he gave me permission to enter when I knocked on his door at 7:45 am, his clothes were damp and the bed sheets were also wet so I got a damp cloth and a towel from his bathroom and some new underwear and shorts from his wardrobe. I called for staff assistance to support me with using the hoist. After replacing his wet pants with fresh ones me and NO NAME (Staff member) put the straps under NO NAME (Clients) arms and across his chest then we attached the correct straps to the hoist and began to lift him higher, today he seemed to be feeling more discomfort than usual so I think the care plan should be re-evaluated and his sleeping arrangements should be assessed because it seems he is not managing to last throughout the night until toilet time in the mornings and also the straps from the hoist may be too tight.
NO NAME (Staff member) got the wheel chair ready next to the bed while I lowered NO NAME (Client) into the wheel chair and guided him slowly to his bathroom where we followed out the same procedure to move and position him on and off the toilet. While he was sitting comfortably on the toilet I stripped his bed sheets and took them with his wet clothes to the washing machine while NO NAME (Staff member) stayed in the bedroom incase he needed any support.

We decided to give him a hand wash whilst he was on the toilet because he is having a bath tonight. I put on disposable gloves and an apron to protect my clothes from getting wet and I used gloves to apply the Anusol cream for his piles. Using liquid soap, a cloth and a sponge I gently washed him from head to toe, quickly drying him down with a towel so he didn't get cold.
His clothes for the day had already been pre-decided yesterday because today he is going for lunch with a few family members this...