Daily Hassles

My total score was 106. Compared to the relative hassle scores, my score of 106 was average compared to that of my peers. There was one event that had a high frequency of occurrence and that was work related problems. I work in a cafeteria at a plant that makes transmissions. The chef in this cafeteria is very hard to work with.   He thinks he is the coolest person to ever walk this planet and he will tell you that too. He constantly makes sexual and racist comments to everyone. He also makes rude comments to me because I am pregnant. I think to lessen the stress at work is to ask my boss if I can be moved to one of the other cafeterias in the plant.
There are three hassle events that I assigned a score of two. They are annoying behavior of self, lateness of self, and schoolwork. There is one behavior of mine that annoys me and that is that I always forget stuff. I will forget appointments, to make phone calls, to pay bills, and etc. At the time when it occurs, it drives me nuts. I feel stupid and these occasions make me feel upset with myself. There are many ways I can reduce these occurrences. I have started carrying around this little book of paper. In this little book, I write down everything I need to remember and I check it every day, once before I go to work and once when I get home from work.   The other two occurrences were lateness of self and schoolwork. I am late for work a lot and the reason is because I hit my snooze button to many times. The only way to reduce this is to get plenty of sleep at night and not to hit my snooze button anymore. The last hassle event is schoolwork. Most of the time I am not motivated to do my homework. I work all day and then I have to come home to cleaning the house, laundry, cooking, homework, and taking care of the kids. To resolve this issue, I think I need to start asking my friends and family for help so I can get all of these tasks done and have enough quiet time to devote to schoolwork.