D2 - Evaluation of Skills

Distinction 2 – Evaluation of Skills
There are many factors that influence the effectiveness of both one to one interactions and group interactions. In my analysis I will evaluate the quality of my interpersonal skills and communication in both of these contexts. The one to one and group contexts occurred in a Health and Social Care environments. I will identify my own strengths and weaknesses and discuss any barriers that may have occurred during the contexts and if they were overcome or not. Lastly, I will discuss the factors that have influenced the effectiveness of my own interactions.
Firstly, I am going to analyse the quality of my communication and interpersonal skills for the one to one interaction that I participated in. I believe that throughout my one to one interaction the quality of my skills was very good. I acted in a professional manner due to the demand of the environment that I was situated in. The environment that the one to one interaction took place in required a high degree of formality and even though I was working with a younger student I still had to use formal language. I used a variety of verbal and non-verbal skills during the one to one context; I was working with a student who had special educational needs (SEN) so I was aware of his needs and preferences before the interaction began. I researched his preferred needs before the interaction began - this prevented any communication mishaps and miscommunication between myself and the student. I adapted to his needs, as well as adapting the environment for him; this made the interaction feel much more comfortable for the student. I had colourful cards and key terms laid out across the table as I found out in my prior research that he learns better through visual aids, I also used his special cousin for the chair to allow him to sit correctly without being uncomfortable.
I also had to be very patient when the student was talking as I was aware that it would take him a lot longer to...