D1 Unit 1

D1- Evaluate the influence of different stakeholders exert in one organisation.
Each stakeholder has different amount of influence on a company like Tesco. Tesco being a nationally recognised brand in the UK rely on their most important stakeholders which are the customers that regularly buy goods from their stores. The customers of Tesco are the most important stakeholder for Tesco as said on Tesco's website "Colleagues hear customers' views on everything from how we are serving them in our stores to our role in the community" from this you can see that Tesco do everything possible to make their customers happy and they need to do this as without the customers the stores would not make money and the company will be unsuccessful.
A company like Tesco with their multinational stores really benefit from having shareholders all around the world to help their business. Tesco being a public limited company rely on shareholders to fund their company and as there are many shareholders there can be a lot of risk taking decisions to make. So the second most important stakeholder in Tesco would be the shareholders for the reasons given above. Although the shareholders are not there physically to support and run the company but their amount of influence can be huge on Tesco. However major shareholders attend meetings with analysts and financial departments to see how the company is doing.   Shareholders benefit from more customers coming to the store as Tesco makes more money and the shareholders make profit, in addition more shareholders will be tempted to buy shares in Tesco.
The third most important stakeholder in Tesco would be the employees because without the employees the company would obliviously not be able to do well and be successful. Tesco value their employees a lot as they always want feedback from them and the employees work in good conditions and get an appropriate amount of salary. However the employees of Tesco do not have the same amount of influence...