The D-Day invasion was originally scheduled for June 5, 1944 due to the weather condition it was pushed back to June 6 1944. This day was out to make a day in history. Commander General Eisenhower was in charge of this secretive operation against the Germans. 130 000 British, Canadian, American troops landed on Normandy, France at dawn to take on their surprise attack on the Germans. As planed 800 ships and 11000 aircrafts landed at the beach of Normandy France. On February 194 the allies crossed Rhine River and invaded Germany. Now Russia or the Soviet Union was attacking from the other front. Germany had to fight on two fronts at the same time which was sort of difficult to do during worldwar2. Germany fought all it had and then decided to accept surrender by the allies with no deals. Soon the allies found Mussolini Hitler’s right arm man. Who was killed on April 17 1945 by the allies. Later on the allies found out Hitler dead. Hitler knew the end was near for him and understood he did allsots of bad and cruel things he did to the Jews. He knew that they will only do what they did to Mussolini and so he decided to die with a bit of dignity. So Hitler decided to shoot himself. He also didn’t want to give the allies the satisfaction of finding his body so he ordered one of his men to burn his body after he dies. Later on the allies found his body burnt up. D-day was a great invasion but had to pay its high prices for it. 9,000 allied soldiers were pronounced dead on June 6 1944.