D Day

The effects of terrorism and war on the global economy.
Does terrorism effect the global economy? How?
Yes terrorism does effect the global economy. Terrorism is a real threat to all nations around the world. There is not one place on this planet where there are people that agree 100% of the time, there are always going to be conflicting ideas. Some of differences in beliefs, like religion, are going to lead radicals to turn to terrorism to push there opinions across to other people with different beliefs, and some times these radicals will turn to lethal measures to get that point across. This choice of how to deal with opinions of other people is widely frowned upon, But is still present in todays world and is a to real danger to ignore. The human tragedies that result from terrorism are very horrific and the economic strains that follow these attacks can be devastating.
Fear, terrorism can bring an economy to its lowest of low levels because of fear. People that run businesses may be afraid to continue operating at a normal rate, because they fear that they could become a target for an attack. For example People that used to fly frequently may have stopped because of the fear that they could become the next 9/11. The airlines also had to spend billions of dollars to get more advanced security systems so nobody could sneak anything the weren’t supposed to have on the plane.
Human loss, the loss of a life is the worst part of terrorism. The effects of a death of someone you knew or were close to is tremendous. The business world does not go unaffected by the loss of a human, these companies lose labor force and sometimes key players in the company. During the September eleventh plane attacks the lives of thousands were lost including top level executives from morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, American Express, BP, and more. These companies lost there highest ranked officials, there best thinkings, and leaders. The effect on a company could result in...