Cysma Essay

In todays modern world the catholic youth faces many challenges. These challenges can sometimes lead into disbelief and doubt about their faith. Each millennium has its own challenges in different forms but today the youth of the church face some similar and different issues from millenniums past.

In previous millenniums our belief system was based on superstition, this led us to believe in our religion a lot stronger. Now, in today's classrooms, young Catholics are being taught the science behind everything we see and touch, students now have a broader and greater understanding of how the world works. The Christian doctrine leads us to believe that the world was created in seven days, today being taught about evolution we are less likely to believe that is true. Young adults tend to believe what they hear, especially when they hear it often. The conflicting truths they hear continually test their faith, especially with the greater and broad knowledge science, young Catholics tend to question more and doubt more in what they believe. When young adults come to realisation of the facts, being a disciple for Jesus and believing in what he taught becomes debatable. This issue is challenged by those who strongly believe in their faith and those who strongly believe In science, to some extent this issue may not be able to be overcome due to various evident issues, like, the decreasing number of people attending church, the low number of priests, Catholics believing 'abortion' is acceptable and also a number of Catholics believing 'remarriage' and 'divorce' is acceptable. It is totally up to an individual to decide whether to believe in both science and religion or one of them, maybe even none at all, but it's not mutually exclusive.

Young catholic adults are not sheltered from the pressures brought about by the people they interact with every day, as such, they are vulnerable to peer pressure. Their classmates, friends, and neighbours can cause them to do or...