MARIA KAY                                                                                                                               NOVEMBER 2013

MU 2.9

3.3 Describe circumstances where partnerships with carers may be difficult to develop and sustain…

I know that I need to be aware of situations which may cause difficulties when we are working in partnerships as there may be occasions when there may be difficulties or problems which may cause partnership working to become uncomfortable or hard to sustain.

After researching some different situations and speaking to colleges in my placement I have learned that sometimes problems and difficulties may arise within working partnerships causing them harder to sustain, some of these maybe…………..

A lack of funding or low finances, which can impact upon services and families such as paying for a room/ paying for childcare, or professional support, resources teaching aids or others.

There may be barriers to communication such as disabilities, a special needs. Mental health or English another language/ not understanding/ fear of professionals in higher authority.

Fear of those in authority, and maybe they may communicate in jargon rather than in words that can be understood by all those involved.

Everyone being able to organise their dairy planning, as it may be difficult due to others having commitments, work and shift patterns, time to plan and organise that suits everyone involved can sometimes be difficult.

Sometimes individuals and the parents may be in denial or have different opinions and views.
Sometimes everyone or individuals may be able to value the contributions of others and not provide respect for others contributions. However we need to be respectful even if you don’t agree.

Acknowledging the religion and culture is important, sometimes this can become a barrier through a lack of knowledge/ understanding and respecting others beliefs.
Being unaware of...