Cypw Unit 051

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  Identify the different reasons people communicate
Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting

People communicate in different ways (verbal/non-verbal), in a range of different ways to do different things. Such as:

To gain and share experiences – People could make friends and partners and create a good bond with another person
To gain reassurance and acknowledgment – Somebody could help out a friend by calming them down in an upsetting situation by talking to them in a calm manner and a polite tone of voice
To build relationships with children/staff/parents – Making a good impression and building trust with the children’s parents makes them feel comfortable with leaving their children in a setting and being satisfied with how polite you come across. Also building a close bond with the children can help them open up and encourage them to talk to you more as they feel as they know you better when they constantly see you and talk to you. Building relationships with staff shows a continuous act of good team-working. Speaking with a child’s family is important as you can learn about the child’s background and keep up to date on any issues you need to be informed about encase the child needs extra support whilst in your care
To express needs and feelings – If a child has any allergies they would need to be passed on to other care professionals so that they were aware of the child’s allergies as the welfare of the child is always the main priority
To share ideas and thoughts – Children often tell you whether they like or dislike something and you could change or experiment with different activities to change their opinion and to help them have more fun during their time at the nursery
To maintain relationships – If two people have a close relationship or are trying to build on one and the two don’t talk or communicate for a while, the relationship could die down....