Cypw Level 3 Unit 22 Outcome 1.1

1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years

In this assignment I will be explaining the sequence of development from birth – 19 years and the main milestones that happen as a child is growing up. I will be explaining the sequence of development in different category’s; physical development, intellectual development, social and emotional development and communication and language.
There are many stages of development but I will only be highlighting the milestones of each age group.

Physical development-

0-3 years
When a child is born physical development is usually very rapid, at birth a baby depends on reflexes for movement to enable them to feed or grasp whenever they touch something.
By one year old the child will have much more control over their body and will begin to crawl, shuffle, pull and push objects such as toys and pull themselves up on things to stand
Between 1 and 2 walking will begin, at the start of walking a child will use push or pull toys to help keep them steady.
They will also start to enjoy using their hands a lot more, for example feeding themselves with finger food, waving hello and good bye and pointing to things that they want, they will also be able to shake their head to communicate saying no.
Between 2 and 3 children will start progressing from marks on a piece of paper to scribbles making ‘pictures’ they will also be able to use bricks to build towers.

3-7 years
At 3 years old a child begins to gain more independence, they will be able to walk steadily, their climbing skill will have improved and will be climbing stairs, walking, running and jumping. They will also start taking an interest into small objects like jigsaw puzzles and threading beads. By this age the child will be dressing and undressing themselves more independently still with some assistance. The child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills with be developing, for example the child will be running, jumping,...