Cypw Level 2

Effects of Transitions

Starting School
Children moving from nursery to primary school may become shy and withdraw as they may not know anyone at their new school, they may also feel isolated or they may enjoy making new friends. Sometimes the Childs behaviour may change, they may start showing unwanted behaviour, or they may become upset. We can support them by sitting them in smaller groups and letting them get to know the other children slowly or give them a learning buddy, we can also build a good relationship with their parents or carer. Making sure they know their is someone they can talk to if that what they need. You could help them settle in by asking them what they like to do or you could read their favourite story to a group of children this may help them to feel they are included in the group.
A new sibling
When a child has a new brother or sister they may become resentful feel like they are being pushed out or ignored by their parents, they may revert to babyish behaviour they may stop talking and point to the things they want instead of asking for it. They can also become upset when they attend nursery because they feel that they are being left by their parents and the attention is on the new baby. They may not want to join in with activities and try and isolate themselves. We can make time for the child giving one to one attention and make sure the child is included in caring for the baby. At nursery you can ask the child about the baby at circle time and try to encourage the child to join in with activities.
Death of a parent
With the death of a parent the child may become withdraw and depressed, they may isolate themselves not wanting to go out and see friends and spend time by themselves, they may become disruptive in school, they may miss out on their education because of time off school. They may not want to leave the surviving parent and become clingy or they may resent the surviving parent. They may have to deal with their surviving...