Cyps 076

Unit 076
Outcome 4
On accepting any child into our setting we have a settling in policy where we meet the parents/carers preferably with the child in a familiar setting such as home or play area so the child feels safe and secure on initial meeting at this point we go through policy and some procedures with the parent/carer to make them aware of what will happen in a given situation also we use this time to gain knowledge about the child such as routine, feeding any allergies or skin and health problems to ensure we are aware of anything we need to know we use a prompt sheet as what could seem normal to the parents could be something overlooked at a later time such as allergy to milk and need a specific milk as intolerant. Then we meet at the setting for a short visit to introduce the child then we begin the settling in period normally around two weeks depending on hours attended the parent/ carer will stay with the child during this time and we begin to assess   through observation the baby noting any developmental markers then begin to assess what activities age appropriate we can initiate to help the child move along developmentally we have an initial assessment sheet to use and this includes next steps this will all go in the child’s learning journey folder to build a record and profile of the child’s learning and development. See copies of policy procedure and contracts *
In our setting we have lots of safety equipment we use stair gates to prevent a child from gaining access to the stairs and falling or injuring themselves. We use electrical socket covers to prevent electrical shock from inserting objects or little finger into the holes. We have cupboard locks on most of the cupboards to prevent access to certain cupboards but some do not have these so a child can access them for changing matts, wipes, juice also our first aid box in case of emergency I can ask a child to go and collect the first aid kit, but some are locked with a padlock such as...