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In accordance with Early Years Foundation Statutory Guidance, it is your responsibility as a registered child minder that any child in your care is keep safe and secure, in the setting and off site.
Ensuring all areas accessible to children are safe and free from hazards,
At all times, maintaining sufficient staff to effectively supervise the children’s activities, and that Staff present are utilising effective supervision strategies.
Recognizing potential hazards and taking action to eliminate or control them
Reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries through maintenance of a safe environment.

Constant Supervision is when you are watching the children at all time, it could be when they are using scissors or using glue.
Close Supervision is where you are not involved but are close enough to see what the child is doing and can step in at any moment if needed.
General Supervision is where you could be in a room where the child is taking a nap and you are generally supervising them.
When you are off site supervision is paramount. You need to have constant supervision of the children in your care.

Never leave a child unsupervised with any pets you might have. Make sure that all play equipment of outdoor toys have being wiped dry if it has being raining or children could injure themselves.
When off-site children’s safety is paramount, you should do a risk assessment before taking children any outing e.g. ensuring that all equipment and play area has been checked before allowing the children to play, ensure climbing equipment is sited on suitable soft landing surfaces with space around, all gates are locked to ensure that children cannot leave play area and removing potential hazards.
Road safety
When out with children in your care make sure that make sure you have the correct adult-child ratio, set a good example when crossing the road. You could talk to the children beforehand about...