Topic 5
Play is important to Manshu’s and Jessica’s learning and development because play is how children learn it offers opportunities for children to explore, investigate, develop new skills and master and improve existing skills. Children will learn how to use their hands through play. Through play children will learn how to use their imagination. They will learn and develop how to communicate. In a childcare setting if there is more than one child, through play the children will learn how to play in a group and to share.

Angela’s domestic routines might include:
  Clearing up from breakfast.
  Washing up.
  Putting on a load of washing.
  Putting washing on the line.
  Folding up washing.
  Putting toys away.
  Making beds.
  Sweeping the garden.

Angela could involve Manshu and Jessica by them helping to clear and wipe the table. Manshu and Jessica can help to make the beds. They can put the toys away so Angela could do they vacuuming. They could pass Angela the cloths and pegs so the washing can be put on the line. They could also help to fold up the washing.

The learning that might of taken place for Manshu and Jessica are counting, matching, sorting and patterns. They could also develop an understanding of the house rules. They will learn where the correct places are for things. They will learn to recognise different colours and shapes. They will learn how to follow instructions.

Through observing the children Angela will make sure they are safe. Through watching the children Angela will be able to tell the parents what Manshu and Jessica have been up to. Through observing the children Angela will be able to check if Manshu and Jessica are developing or growing. Angela will learn more about the children’s needs. Angela will be able to check that the planned activities are appropriate. Observations will help Angela plan appropriate play activities that will stimulate and extend a child’s development and...