Cypop5 Task 7

Why is play important to Manshu and Jessica's learning and development?

Play is important to Manshu and Jessica's learning and development because children exercise their imagination through story telling it gives them opportunity to be spontaneous it also gives them choice having enough resources to choose from will allow them to express themselves

Both Manshu and Jessica have important things going on in their lives at the moment and learning about these events during play will help them get over these milestones. Involving Angelas own children in this will make them included and part of the family and not separated

Some examples of play that will help them could be as follows;-

  Story books and picture books about using the potty and having a little sister or brother .
  Manshu could be given a doll that when you feed it or give it a drink you sit it on the potty
  Getting a potty that plays music when she uses it.
  Jessica could also play with a dolly, dress it feed it change its nappy, push them around in a pram she can do just what mummy is doing.

  What might Angela's domestic routine include?

Angela's routine could include the following:

  Making Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks
  Doing the washing up
  Laying the table
  Getting dressed
  Going to the shops

Chore       | How the child is involved       | Prime Area       | Specific Area       |
  Cooking       | They can count measure and weigh out ingredients using tools and utensils learn about a healthy diet have fun baking       | Communication and Language       | Mathematics       |
  Doing the washing up       | They can dry and put away any plates, bowls, cups and cutlery that they have used this again will help then learn where things go and also teaches them about shapes and to work together       | Communication and Language       | Mathematics       |
  Laying the table       | This will teach them counting matching and sorting patterns and helps them...