Cypop5 Task 1

kelli-lisa sambrook

Unit 1
1.1   Outline current legislation relevent to homebased childcarer.
The current legislation relevant to homebased childcare are laws, rules and regulations passed by acts of paliment in the UK. This is to be followed by all carers of   all children and young people, wether you are a homebased childcarer, nanny or work in   a private nursery to working in a school this also includes working with children or young people with special educational needs or suffer from any form of disabilities!
There are many current legislations in place in the Uk and Wales . The first ever UK law for   childrens rights was aknowledged and granted on 16th November 1989.   The act states that all childrens needs and welfare should be paramount.   This was aimed to enforce   and ensure the welfare of a child/childrens and the importance to work alongside parents and carers to protect every child from protential dangers and neglect, the act was intended to give children equal rights. The main aims   of child act 1989 is to bring both private and public laws into a frame work.
. Achieve a better balance protecting children and enable parents and carers to challenge any intervention
. Encourage greater partnership between statutory authorities and parents
. promote use of voluntary arrangments
. Restructure the framework to courts to facilitate management of family proceedings
(Points taken from
Then in 2004 saw the child act updated and the green paper was introduced,
EVERY CHILD MATTERS this is a UK goverment intervention for England and Wales which was launched in 2003 in response to the death of Vicoria climbe who was assulted and abused   until she sadly lost her life at the hands of her great aunt and partner in 2000. The paper is one of the most important policies and development programmes in relation to children and childrens services.
The   outcome of the papers main aims is for every child no matter of circumstance or background...