Cypop5 Assessment5

As a home based carer my aim is to provide a safe, clean and healthy enviroment at all times.

I will ensure all toys are in working order with no broken pieces, bits hanging off or sharp edges, that toys are age approapriate in accordance with manufacturers guidelines, that they are clean, safe and have saftey marks. Any large play equipment must be fixed in place. Before using any equipment I will read the instructions to ensure correct use if I am unsure I will seek help.

All cleaning products are put away out of reach, plug sockets are covered, stair gates in place, that high chairs and pushchairs have five point harnesses in place. My home will have smoke alarms, a fire blanket, first aid kit. In the garden I will ensure that the shed and garage are locked, that play equipment is kept clean, that fences are secure, gates locked and any water covered.

Bins will be emptied daily, nappies will be placed in a nappy bag and put in an outside bin or put in a nappy bin. Hands will be washed before and after preparing food, after touching raw meat, after changing nappies/wiping bottoms, after using toilet myself, after sneezing, coughing, wiping my nose or a childs, before and after medication adminerstration, after touching animals and handling money.Tea towels and cloths to be washed daily. the correct cleaning products used antibacteria sprays do not kill germs, bleach or disinfectant must be used for body fluids or blood.All equipment and toys as well as the setting will be cleaned regularly. Good personal hygiene is essential as well as important in setting a good example.

I will store cooked and raw foods seprately, raw foods at the bottom of the fridge so juices do not drip, I will check use by dates and throw out of date food away, fish and meat to be stored in seperate containers. Pet food will be kept well covered. When preparing food I must wash my hands regularly especially after touching raw meat, animals will not be allowed on surfaces,...