Cypop5 Assessment Task 1

Part 1
Four pieces of legislation which I consider to be important for home based childcarers are:
• the Equality Act 2010
• the Childcare Act (2006)
• the Children Act (2004)
• the Data Protection Act (1998)

I would outline these to Anjum’s parents in the following way:

Equality Act (2010)
I would explain that The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. The act replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single act to make the law easier to understand and to remove inconsistencies.

The act covers nine protected characteristics, and the characteristics applying to home-based childcare include disability, race, religion or belief and gender.

The equality act means that I would in no way discriminate against Anjum, and would treat him and his parents as equals.

Childcare Act (2006)
I would outline that the Childcare Act 2006 lays out registration and inspection arrangements, and provides an integrated education and care framework for the Early Years and general childcare registers. The act introduced the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England, and the Early Years Register and the General Childcare Register provide a regulatory framework for childcare under the act.
I would advise Anjum’s parents that the act defines duties for Local Authorities with respect to:
• improving the Every Child Matters outcomes for pre-school children
• childcare for working parents
• parental information services
I would also re-assure Anjum’s parents that   the EYFS supports the delivery of high quality education and care for children from birth to age 5.
Children Act (2004)
I would tell Anjum’s parents that the Children Action (2004) has been identified as the most influential law for home-based childcare, as the general function of the act is for the Children’s Commissioner to be concerned with the views and interests of children in relation to the following aspects of their...