Cypop 5 Task 1

The parents of Anjum a little girl who is new to your setting moved to England only 3 months ago. Yours is the first setting that they have used for 18 month old Anjum. They have very little understanding of the legislation covering home based childcare or the role of the regulatory body.

Consider 4 pieces of legislation that are important for home based childcarers and how       you would outline these to Anjum’s parents?                                                                     
How would you go about outlining the 4 different roles of the regulatory body to Anjum’s parents?

There are many pieces of legislation currently used to protect children and their parents whilst using home based care settings. I have outlined the four below that I feel would be most important for Anjum’s family to be aware of:


Children Act 2004 

The Children act 2004 is the overarching act that all practitioners working with children must adhere to. It arose from the Green Paper “Every Child Matters”

It identified five outcomes for all children:

Be healthy
Stay safe
Enjoy and achieve
Make a positive contribution
Achieve economic wellbeing

The Childcare Act of 2006 introduced the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) in England which sets national standards for care and learning.


Children Act 2006

The EYFS comprises a set of Welfare Requirements and a set of Learning and Development Requirements, which must be followed by providers of care for children below 5 years old – the age of compulsory education in the United Kingdom.

Both of these Childcare acts will be recognised daily within my setting both visually and verbally.


Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act 1998 defines the rules which protect the personal data of an individual and prevents personal information being passed on without consent, where children are...