Cypop 4

Task 1

Why physical activity is important to the short and long term health and well being in children

Short term
Physical activity can help children build their social skills with others children and adults and it can also have a positive impact on the their mental health and improve their levels of sleep.

Long term
Physical activity is important to children as it means that they are exercising which is essential for all humans as it helps to keep our strengthens our lungs, muscles and bones and also it helps to keep a healthy heart while also helping children to learn physical skills. It is important that babies and young children have plenty   of opportunities to take part in any form of exercise and physical activity that is part of a routine that also promotes time for them to rest during the day time, such as naps. For children to achieve the maximum access to safe exercise there must be plenty of floor space as this a main factor of meeting the needs of both babies and children. The space must be provided to allow the children to:
Exercise and physical activity
Develop mobility
Explore their environment safely
Babies and children   need more space for physical activity than older children. This is because of the way that they play and learn changes as they grow older. It is important that practitioners take into consideration   the availability of space depending on the age of the children when planning the layout of the setting. Practitioners can encourage babies and children to exercise and developing their mobility and the surrounding around them by:
Providing children with resources that are appropriate to the child’s age   such as equipment and experiences which impacts the development of babies and children.
Joining in playing with babies and children
Continuously praising babies and children when they exercise and engage in physical activities that will develop their mobility.      
The recourses that are chosen for...