Cypop 4

Explain why physical activity is important to short and long term health and well-being of children
Physical activity plays an important role in helping children and young people to be fit and healthy in the short and the long term. It produces overall physical and social benefits.
  * A healthy weight
  * Strong bones and muscles
  * Balance and flexibility
  * Posture
  * Relaxation
  * Blood pressure (risks factors for diabetes in adults)
  * Self esteem
  * Social skills
All these above are some of the factors for short and long term.
Babies and young children need physical activities and exercise to increase their stamina and strength this will improve muscle tone and muscle usage. Leading to Better balance and flexibility in the child, Improved bone strength and heart and lung capacity, improved coordination, catching and throwing skills, enjoyment, motivation and social skills, energy boost, helps stop stress and anxiety, positive affect of self esteem. Physical activity and movement help stimulate much brain growth and facilitate key connections for learning, regular exercise and engagements in all varieties of physical activity are critical for healthy brain development in children. pre mobile needs time to develop muscle tone so they can begin to crawl. These activities are used good for physical development at our preschool indoors stairs, wooden large bricks to climb and balance on, moving to music, balls to roll, soft play to climb on and move about on. Sit and ride toy which changes into a walker. Outside slides, logs to climb and balance on, trikes and balance bikes, tractor wheels to climb and use to pull on, balls to roll. These are some of the activities we have at the preschool our environments are planned around giving the child the maximum opportunities to have physical activities and children need space to do physical activities. Inactive children are more likely to carry this on into adulthood. It is recommended...