Cypop 2.1

Key Components of a Healthy, Safe Home Based Environment

My home based child care policies are always available and parents will have copies.
First of all my home is very child friendly and safety measures have been put in place.
There is a no smoking policy throughout my home.
I have a peadiatric first aid certificate and feel confident to carry out any first aid needed. There is an up to date stocked first aid kit for my home and one for outings.
Good communication between parents and myself will ensure that alternative arrangements will be made for children with infectious illnesses so as to protect other children in my care.
All parents will be asked to fill out a health form which will include allergies and adverse effects of medications and other such things.
All medication is either in a key locked cupboard or in a key locked box in the fridge.
I will always require written permission with instructions to give any medication.
If a child becomes unwell in my care I will contact the parents as soon as possible. If this is an infectious illness parents of other children that I mind will be informed.
I will support all developement and health checks for children in my care.
Evacuation procedures will be practised regularly so the children in my care will be confident and assured if an emergency arises.
I have stair and door gates where appropriate.
Fire Gaurds.
Electrical sockets are covered and any visible cables held safe with cable clips.
All sharp objects will be locked away.
External doors are either locked, saftey chained, alarmed or all three.
All cupboards that need it have either child safety locks or keyed locks where appropriate
The use of electrical equipment by older children will be supervised as age appropriate and they will be shown how to safely use the equipment electrical or otherwise.
All play equipment and toys will be age appropriate, clean and in good working order.
I have an emergency policy for if I have a...