Cyp Core 3.4

CYP Core 3.4
It is important that environment is checked regularly both before and durning the activities to ensure that it is both healthy and safe:
children should be supervised at all times
routine safe checks should be made daily on premises, both indoor and outdoor
routine checks of security systems: entry,locks, visitor’s book and name badges to control
children should be allowed to go home with the parent or authorised adult
to make sure that food is stored at correct temperature and snacks are prepared hygienically
prevent accident by keeping environment save and cleaned, tidy and uncluttered
all materials and equipment should be in a safe and clean condition
follow the setting procedures for dealing with spillage of urine, vomit, blood and faeces
there must be adequate first aid facilities and staff members need to be trained basic first aid
fire drill should be held twice a term ( every six weeks in nursery)
Health and safety legislation and policy aims to make sure that all workers, children and families are safe and proceed from harm when in work or using services.
Health and safety at the work act 1974 - have a duty to make my workplace as safe as possible; display health and safety law poster or supply employees with a leaflet with the same information; decide how is manage health and safety; if the business has five or more employees, this must appear on written health and safety policy. I have duty and care to work safety.
COSHH - safe workplaces depend on the careful use and storage of cleaning materials and other potentially hazardous substance. Items such as bleach, some solvent glues and other materials in my setting can be hazardous. In the setting there need to be risk assessment that tells about these dangers, and what to do to minimise those risks involved. All settings have COSHH file which list all the hazardous substances used in the setting and that file should detail: where they are kept, how they are labelled,...