Cyp Core 3.1

CORE 3.1
      Explain how children and young people's development is influenced by a range of external factors
Poverty and deprivation
Not all children and young people live in big houses. They may come from one parent families who are on benefits and struggling to survive. The parents may not be able to afford educational books and toys at home so the children find learning harder to grasp at nursery, fall behind and take longer than some to do certain activities. With money being short the children's diet may suffer and their immune system may suffer   that they pick up illness quicker than others. The children's clothes may be hand me downs or ill fitting, other children notice things like this and tend to make cruel comments, which knocks the child's confidence. They may come from very large families, themselves being the eldest and their education has suffered because they have been helping parents bring up the younger children.  
Family background and environment
The children may live on an estate which is run by a gang of bullies or criminals. This can make them scared to go out so they miss school or college which puts them behind with their learning. They may struggle to catch up and fail vital exams because of this. The family could be travellers and move around a lot this can disrupt the children's learning patterns as they may not live in one place long enough to finish the coursework they are currently doing. This can be very frustrating for the children and make them feel unsettled as they are not being given the chance to form long friendships or complete a whole stage of their learning activities.
Personal choices
The older the children get the more curious they are. Their parents might smoke and drink and they want to try it to. At school or college they could be offered drugs, these habits are very addictive and hard to stop, they can affect the children's minds , stop them thinking rationally and even lead them to commit crimes to fuel...