Cyp Core 3.1: Understand Child and Young Person Development. 1.1-1.2

Development of Children and Young People from 0-19 years.

|     Physical development | Social, emotional and behavioral development | Communication and intellectual |
0-3 | 0-6 months:Turn their head toward sounds and movementReach up to hold feet when lying on their backsLook and reach for objectsHold and shake a rattlePut everything in their mouths6 months - 1 year:stars sitting with no support Roll over from their tummy to their backBegin to crawl or shuffle on their bottomPull on or push against objects to get into standing positionRaises arms to be liftedPass objects from one hand to another1-2 years:Begin to walkSits alone indefinitelyFeed themselvesShake head for 'No'Uses thumb and first two fingers to grip Bangs objects togetherCrawl upstairsBuilds tower of few bricks2-3years:Kneels to playThrowsKicks ballBuilds larger brick towerUses pencil to make marks and circular scribbles | 0-3 months:Responds to adults especially mothers face and voiceSmiles,Very dependent on adults for reassurance and comfort,6- 9 months:Enjoys company of others and games like peek-a-booShows affection to known carer, 1-2years:Likes to please adults, May become anxious or distressed if separated from known adultsMay use comfort objectPlays alongside other children2-3years:Developing sense of own identity, wanting to do things for selfDemanding of adult attention,   reluctant to shareActs impulsively,   prone to bursts of emotion tantrumsEnjoys playing others for short periods | 0- 3 months:Makes a variety of “happy” soundsWill respond to a variety music and other soundsBabies watch their carers face and try to copy its movements6-12 months:Babbling sounds beginBaby will turn its head towards the source of soundsWill show feelings by squealing with pleasure or cryingLaugh and chuckle to show enjoyment1-2 years:learn to putt two words together starts to understand key words in the...