Cyp 3.7 2.1 and 2,2

CYP 3.7 – 2.1 and 2.2
In this piece of work I am going to be looking at positive outcomes for children using the Every Child Matters framework to support children’s development and learning.
Staying Safe:
  Policies and Procedures
  Safeguarding Policy
  Visitors Policy
  Health and Safety Policy
  ID Cards
  DBS Checks
  Doors and Gates Locked
  Recourses should be age appropriate and challenging and to extend children’s learning
  Ratios to ensure children are well supervised
  Children and spoken to in a positive manner
  First aider on site
  Fire drills

  Allergies taken into consideration
  Setting cleaned regularly
  Snack time
  Healthy Dinners
  All recourses cleaned regularly
  Dietary needs
  Regular exercise

Enjoying and Achieving:
  Lessons can be taken outside for the children to explore
  Children can pick out what activities they enjoy
  Maths and science lessons made fun
  Sounding out children’s sounds with picture cards
  Rewards are given

Economic Wellbeing:
  Uniform given to parents or parents can find uniform at a reduced cost
  School trip money can be paid in different segments
  Fund raising towards the school trip
  Free school meals

Positive Contributions:
  Good behaviour in and out of school
  No bullying or discrimination
  The children being involved in decision making
  Support development, child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Staying safe-
Practitioners can make a positive difference in ‘Staying safe’ for children and young people by having policies and procedures in place such as; a safeguarding policy, health and safety policy and a visitors policy. These policies help keep staff, visitors and children safe, within a health and safety policy there are aspects that need to be followed such as; providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment, preventing accidents and work related ill health. ID cards should...