Cyp 3.4

When planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environment and services you need to ensure you can work free from hazards.  
You should ensure you have adequate space in order to access materials and equipment without causing risk to others.
There needs to be sufficient lighting so pupils can work without discomfort.
You should ensure the noise levels are adequate so pupils are able to work without disruption.
Children with poor vision or hearing problems should be moved to the front of the class.
Tables and chairs should be the right height so pupils are comfortable whilst working.
All visitors in school should sign in and wear a badge so they can be identified. Staff should be vigilant and challenge strangers if they don’t recognise them or see a visitors a badge.
When taking pupils outside it is the responsibility of staff to ensure their safety. The outdoor area must be checked for hazards and considered as secure before pupils use it.
Staff should know what to do if there is a fire.
In wet or cold weather pupils must wear appropriate outdoor clothing etc. coats.
In hot weather pupils are made to wear sun cream and hats and if it is to hot outside pupils are kept indoors.

When taking pupils on school trips all members of staff will have a copy of a risk assessment which they are expected to follow.

Health and safety is monitored and maintained in a verity of ways within the setting.

The children’s act 1995 states that we should protect children when they are in our care, this includes preventing risks which may occur.

All members of staff are given a copy of the health and safety policy when joining the school
Risk assessments are carried out regularly including a daily check of the environment which is being used
Pupils, parent’s staff and visitors are made aware of any issues concerning health and safety to help minimise any risks
All members of staff should be aware of emergency exits and assembly points and where fire...