Cyp 3.1

CYP 3.1


Age |S |P |I |C |E |S |Behaviour | |0-3 |Social life and ability to socialise is very limited at that age. |Babies at that age are able to make simple movements as moving their arms and legs up and down. Moving their heads and nodding and rolling as well. |Intellectual development is limited. However babies at this stage most of the time are able to recognise their parents and the people who look after them.   |At this stage babies’ ways of communication are mainly crying, shouting or pointing as the speech is limited in most children from 0-3.   |Children’s emotions at that stage are usually related to being hungry, tired, needing a nappy change or just seeking the attention of their parent or a carer.   |Very limited at that age. |Lot of crying and shouting, laughing and giggling. Playing with baby toys, sometimes get frustrated if they don’t’ get what they want. | |3-5 |Start using their speech and connecting sentences. Start learning and using more words. Therefore are able to talk and express their feelings and have a conversation with others. |Have ability to walk, run, jump, troll a ball and catch it. |Starting to develop their intellect and potential. Looking at different children’s books and being able to memorise the stories and play different kinds of games. |At this stage children starting to learn more words and being able to express themselves better therefore communication skill are improving.   |Still at a stage where it is difficult for them to control their emotions but already starting to understand them better. |Starting to learn what is right and what is wrong, but still not being able to have a full control on their actions |Behaviour might be challenging at that age. Children usually have tantrum when they don’t get what they want. | |5-7 |Social life is very active. Children go to school at this age, start making friends and having a lot of new contacts. |Body is growing very actively and quickly. They are gaining more weight...