Research in Competitiveness Evaluation of Customer to Customer E-Commerce Enterprises


Section One 2
1.0 Working Title 2
2.0 Introduction 3
3.0 Rational of Study 3
4.0 Literature Review 4
5.0 Research Purpose and Questions 6
6.0 Scope 7
Section Two 8
7.0 Methodology 8
8.0 Research Strategy/Approach 8
9.0 Sample Strategy 9
10.0 Data Collection 10
11.0 Data Analysis 11
12.0 Validity and Reliability 12
13.0 Gantt Chart 12
Reference 13

Section One
1.0 Working Title
These dissertation will be critical examine and research on the Customer to customer of E-Commerce corporation competitiveness in the Chinese market. Meanwhile, in order to understand more objectively and accurately the impact factors of Customer to customer enterprise user selection, successful corporation TaoBao.Com ( was made in the case to deeply discuses and analysis.
2.0 Introduction
The emergence of the Internet development has been promoting economic globalization. Meanwhile, the e-commerce with the developments shows gradually upward trend. E-commerce on the traditional way had a great impact on the traditional corporation. Also, the Customer to customer E-Commerce business model has a huge impact for the emergence of more traditional sales stores. For Customer to Customer E-Commerce enterprise competitiveness objective and comprehensive evaluation and analysis could help customer to customer E-Commerce businesses more accurately find businesses competitive positioning in the market. Because market is constantly changing, so the enterprise need adjusting and improve their services to develop effective competitive strategies and help their competitiveness in the entitle market (Liu & Zhang, 2011).

Key Words: Customer to customer, E-commerce, Competitiveness of Enterprise, Evaluation Index System, Principal Component Analysis

3.0 Rational of Study
In order to understand more objectively and accurately the impact of using...