Cvp3.4 1.1 Describe the Factors to Take Into Account When Planning Healthy and Safe Indoor and Outdoor Environments and Services

CVP3.4   1.1 describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services

There are number of factors that must be taken into account when planning indoor and outdoor health and safety.
Indoor environment
  * The room and equipment should be checked every morning and evening
  * The room must be layout to accommodate the age and needs of the children in that room
  * Making sure that the correct child/adult ratio’s is in place
  * When planning activities you need to take into account any children with specific needs e.g limited hearing, physical disability or a sensory impairment
  * Floors should be even and easily cleaned e.g vinyl or lino floor which can be cleaned and sterilised daily
  * Nappy changing facilities which is cleaned and sterilised before and after each child
  * There should be sufficient light and air
  * The heating should be neither too warm or too cold
  * There should be toilet and washing facilities close by
  * The entry door must be lockable to prevent unwanted visitors

Outdoor environment
  * The outdoor area should be checked before any children are aloud out
  * All outdoor equipment must be checked before children go out to play
  * There should be a range of outdoor toys to accommodate all age, needs and ability’s
  * The hard ground should be even and easily swept
  * Grassy areas should be kept tidy and mown regularly
  * The whole area must be fenced off for security
  * A shed should be available to store outdoor equipment
  * making sure children have their own sun cream on
The individual needs of each child
These must be considered along with the age and ability off each child. We can do this by, making sure the resources used are age and stage appropriate and they carry the safety marks.
Specific needs
We need to take into account and accommodate children with specific need such as hearing impairment; we can do this by...