Customer Service

Final Report
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Final Report
      Customer service has become a phenomenon that has changed in the past few decades and become as essential element towards the success of the business. Therefore, businesses have been compelled to adopt and implement customer service strategies designed to improve customer satisfaction and improve its competitive advantage in the constantly changing environment. Each business handles clients at varying degrees presenting them some challenges. The supreme outcome is satisfying the client. Each single contact might either grow or crumble the rapport with a client. It comprises each email, which is sent out, each advertisement, which might run plus each call made. As evident as this can appear to any business, frequently, organizations suffer to some extent due lack of focus in regards to customer service (Cook, 2011). In a moment, whereby technology, as well as urgency are the widespread strand utilized in notion and influence, the general denominator would amount to customer service. Communication is important for effective and winning customer service in any business. The business should recognize the fact that customer’s demands excellent customer service that will satisfy their needs in different ways. Satisfied customers will be inspired to come to the business and shop because of the customer experience they received while in the business. To efficiently satisfy an external customer, a business should comprehend its external and internal situation, comprising the customers, marketplace, and environment.
Research Question
    ❖ What are strategies that are needed to be affected in the retail setting to guarantee effective customer service in Canada?
      Training employees on ways of handling customers is an important strategy towards customer satisfaction. Businesses that produce superior customer service strike the balance between social training, which is...