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Current Ethical Issues
Baderman Island is called a slice of paradise where vacationers and business people can come to host a business retreat or take a much needed vacation (Apollo Group Inc., 2005). The size of the island resort with all the different amenities requires many employees to run day to day operations to make the guests feel comfortable. With the combination of guests and employees on an island there are many moral and ethical issues to contend with on a daily basis.  
Baderman Island
The island attracts tourist for vacations and businesses to have conventions year around because of the amenities and beautiful weather year around. The island resort has three different hotels, a convention center, a golf course, tennis courts, a botanical garden, a lighthouse, hiking trails, horseback trails, boat and jet ski rentals, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, a public beach, five secluded beaches, a spa, art gallery, a recreation center, several fine dining restaurants as well as plenty of shopping, and more (Apollo Group Inc., 2005).
Baderman Island Location and History
The island is located about 12 miles west of Kelsey and is surrounded by the Kelsey River, but was not an island until 2001(Apollo Group Inc., 2005). The island is named after the Baderman’s who bought 2600 acres of farmland around the Kelsey river in 1923 after imigrating from Germany in 1922(Apollo Group Inc., 2005). In 1932 they bought a lighthouse   that was going to be demolitioned and moved it to the island naming it Baderman Neustadt after their old home in Germany, and then built a new mansion a mile from the lighthouse on Baderman Hill in 1956(Apollo Group Inc., 2005). The town of Kelsey which was incorporated in 1941 has played a big role in the devolopment of Baderman Island. In 1978 the town of Kelsey and the Baderman’s set a side 400 acres of land for a botanical preserve, and in 1988 the city approached the Baderman’s about redirecting the Kelesy river for flood...