Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Yeah funny you should say that, actually, it was quite difficult to construct this story. I knew there was a story, but the more difficult puzzle was i wanted the whole book to be in Christopher’s voice, but the paradox is that if Christopher was real he would find it very hard, if not impossible, because of his differences, to write a book in the first place. It took me a while to come up with this idea, but i came up with the idea of Christopher being a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories. This way, he didn’t have to put himself in the mind of the reader.
The first distinctively unique feature that would make this movie a block buster hit is that of the crime fiction genre. The crime fiction genre is very evident although it has been subverted by having a 15 year old autistic, mathematical savant as the detective. Also in the story the murder victim is a dog. Crime Fiction genre always makes for a great film experience, but even more so now because of the twisted/subverted way Christopher tells his story. For example, Christopher tells us why this novel is a murder mystery. “In a murder mystery novel someone has to work out who the murderer is. It is a puzzle.... i wanted to write about something i knew”. This unique twist to the genre will capture the audience’s attention and really bring to life how the mind of an autistic child works.
Yes I agree, Christopher Boone is a very surprising choice of character to be the protagonist in the film. But there is a reason behind my choice. This is because Christopher has so many characteristics that make him unique such as his lack of understanding other people and non-verbal communication. Also his inability to perceive other peoples feeling and his lack of empathy for others. However, all these characteristics make Christopher the perfect choice for the protagonist. As the novel, soon turned film, is about individual differences and different ways of seeing, Christopher’s voice, gives us insight and somewhat empathy for...