Culture Paper

March 30, 2012

A few of the sub cultures and cultures that I am a part of are: Church Member, College Student, Mother, Wife, Fashion Industry, African American and Music Lover. I am very involved in each one and they are a major part of my lifestyle.

Each one of these groups have influenced my behavior as a consumer in different ways.   I seek to find bargains, items and services that will provide the most for my money. I also am aware of trends for some groups more than others. Overall In addition to being aware I am also wise in my choices. Perception, lifestyle and learning are behaviors that are generally used the most for me.

As a result of some of the cultures and sub cultures I have purchased empowerment material, books, digital files, computer software and electronics, clothing, shoes, accessories, school supplies, and certain skincare products.   Depending on what my involvement was or is determines the type of product or service that I may purchase. From events for the fashion industry, children or husband’s job to material or products that I may need for work or our family lifestyle.

Services that I have utilized as a result of these cultures and sub cultures are subscriptions, consulting, beauty and maintenance, travel I addition to many others that may accommodate the lifestyles of the particular culture or subculture.

To reflect upon the fact that I am leaving the culture of a working college student and entering into the culture of a working newly graduated college student is a bit exciting to say the lease. I believe that my motives and attitude will change. I have learned a lot during this journey and as a graduate while certain purchases may not be necessary others will.

I can identify with enduring behaviors such as my loyalty to certain products and services. I love Aveda as a skin care line. I am a loyal customer of the body shop home oil and Pier One candles. Silk soy milk is big in our family....