Culture, Way of Life.

Culture, way of life.

Culture is different to many people around the world. It can be how and where you live, the clothes you wear, what you eat, the music you listen to and much more. It can be a particular society with different art and manners. Culture can be behavior and characteristics of a social group or organization. Culture is any and every way that people of a group (family, tribe, nation etc...) interact with each other. It is the internality of the distinct ways of their interaction that we can call the culture of their ways. Not to discount of course how their culture dictates their interactions with those outside of themselves.

I've found culture to be "fluidic" if that is the right word, it changes over time, one generation practices a set of traditions passed down then the next practices a slight variant and then the next generation changes it again or the group decides to change it all together.
Our cultural environment helps us to develop our identity. It gives us our customs and traditions that provide continuity from one generation to the next and help to determine a more cohesive society in which we share common values and principles.

Due to our history in Australia it could argued that our culture is primarily British and European, however the fact that the first settlers were convicts meant that they were at the lower end of society and so did not bring with them all that much ‘British Culture’. A web site called Convict Creations ( created by an American, is dedicated to explaining Australia’s culture through the fact that we began as convicts, the opening line says, ‘Australians are odd people who seem to have turned the principles of culture upside down. They despise their politicians and academics… yet, celebrate long dead horses and bushrangers.’ On reading this information, I had to laugh. Although sounding very tongue-in-cheek, most of it is true. The Australian culture is to hate Politicians; we do...