Culture Studies Db 2

The poems that were made by the male troubadours and the female trobairts were rhythms that were sung in the medieval period. There are many types of genre to these poems, but the most important one was based about love, opening up ones feelings and dedicating it to a piece of paper to spread their deep emotions. According to Chayor, the songs about love were well well-known as chanzo, which had 5 to 7 stanzas. (Chayor, 1912). Most poems/songs had a bigger impact on the tune of the song rather than the words, not all of the poems focused on the words, some focused more on the tune itself. (Chayor, 1912).

According to Sayre, these types of poems were often used to express ones feelings to a person that they know they cannot get, such as a court lady or any person that is in a cold or cruel position. (Sayre, 2013). These types of poems are still being used until today; many of the songs express inner feelings of a person to another these are considered to be romantic love poems.  

My reaction to the expression of the romantic love poems/songs is that it is absolutely a great way to send a message to another person who one admires, for instance every woman has a weak spot and one of the most common would be love, so writing a poem/song that expresses ones feelings to another would get the subjects attention and interest. The content does not surprise me at all, because since the day humans were created, love was the only weapon. Females and males writing poems and songs to get ones interest is not something surprising, because we have felt love and we all wanted to express it in different ways. However, the only part that really shocked me is how men created poems and songs and dedicated them to woman who were married or in an above social class such as a kings daughter or a married woman, just the fact that they have put themselves in a risky situation really shows the deep impact of love they have in them despite the consequences such as getting sentenced or...