Culture of Hongkong

Cultural underpinning of a modern society is the hallmark of Hong Kong, a multi-faceted land. It is a remarkable amalgamation of East and West, a city where contrasts walk side by side. Ancient incense-filled temples neighbour stylish skyscrapers. People are never shy of using ultra-modern gadgets. Yet they cling to their traditions forcefully.

Chinese Opera
Any tourist in Hongkong trying to experience something different can watch Chinese Opera, also known in Hong Kong as Sunkung Opera. Chinese Opera is a highly rated art form in China and Hong Kong, that amalgamates Chinese legend, music and drama into an exhilirating style of art. In simple words, Chinese Opera is a story put to music and dance.

Chinese Therapy
Hong Kong has large number of therapists who provide relief from the ailments dogging people for years. These therapists employ Chinese medicine for the cure, which have been around for the age of the ill for ages.

Hong Kong is a film-making hub for the Chinese film-makers. Artists like Bruce Lee, Hui Brothers and Jacki Chan have made Hong Kong Cinema popular all over the world. It has matched other two forts of film-making, Hollywood and Bollywood, every step. Here is concise information about the thriving movie industry of Hong Kong.

Dragon Dance
Dragon dance is an intriguing conventional dance in Chinese culture. Usually depicted as a long, serpentine creature with numerous claws, it has long symbolised auspicious power in folklore and art of China. Dancers are accompanied by the musicians who play conventional Chinese musical instruments like cymbals and drums.

Spectrum of festivities populate the cultural stage on Hong Kong. These festivals are appreciated for their passion and vivacity. Most of the people in Hong Kong are of Chinese origin, and every Chinese festival is celebrated with fanfare. The festivals are very intriguing and anyone from foreign land would find them particularly very interesting.

Lion Dance
Lion dance...