Culture Acquisition in English Instruction and

Culture Acquisition in English Instruction and
Effective Intercultural Communication

1. The Purpose of the Study
Thus,in considering culture acquisition at school in this paper,the purpose will be to seek for the way of culture learning which leads to an effective intercultural
communication. In other words,the primary concerns sin this Paper are as follows: Firstly, what culture learning will be more likely to lead to the reduction of the impact of prejudice,bias。,and hostility between People based on cultural group memberships.
Secondly,what culture learning will make it possible for learners to prevent
miscommunication from occurring in intercultural encounters. Thirdly, what culture learning will equip the learners with knowledge,perspective and attitude to minimize the negative impacts on them and on others when misunderstanding or miscommunication does occur.. Finally,the author of the Paper Will make out a framework about what kind of culture learning is likely to lead to the effective
intercultural communication,and will Present several Principles on the basis of the framework. Then the Practices of the actual instructions will be examined on the basis of the Principles.

2.Communication and Culture
Gallois and Callna(1997) give us various perspectives how communication and
Culture interrelate with each other in real intercultural communication settings:
…to some extent,culture is communication,in that cultural knowledge,including values,Are communicated constantly(15).
…for many people the definition of culture   is communication,as culture comprises the knowledge,beliefs,values,and Practices that are constantly transmitted in conversation,written communication,and non-verbal behavior(22).

3. The Effective Intercultural Communication
In terms of a number of strategies for intercultural   Communication,Gallois and Callan(1999:153 ) summarize that all the Points have the goal of “making the Communication less inter-group   and more...