Cultural Views

Cultural Views on Health
Darlene Smith
July 31, 2011
Gayla Meyers

Cultural Views on Health

People from different cultures have their own perspectives on health and disease.   Some cultures believe in using traditional medicine, and some just believe in the healing power of praying and herbal healing.   People are often affected by their own cultural beliefs when it comes to overcoming diseases and how they can find the right cure.   Sometimes, religion and culture can get in the way of receiving proper medical help.   “The belief that illness grows from emotional, moral, and social causes coexists with the formal medical system.   Folk healers, generally women, are sometimes called upon to use spells, divination, and herbal remedies to fight against both sickness and such forces as the evil eye” (Sutton, 2007, Greeks, para 4).
People believe that advanced technology is able to diagnose and cure when herbal remedies fail to work.   “The practice of Western medicine is as firmly established in Puerto Rico as it is throughout much of the United States even though the Latin American and Caribbean traditions continue to provide solutions where Western medicine is weak, especially in the realm of prevention.   “Curanderos” and “brujas”, also known as native curers and witches in Spanish, are still prevalent throughout that island and they are known to often mix religious ritual and Western medicines with herbal remedies in their cures” (Griffith, 2007, Religion and Expressive Culture, para.5).   Every culture has a concept of health that is probably different to that of others.   People’s lives and morals are a combination of the different areas is what makes them who they are, and this does not change because of the area where they are from.
The health benefits of organic food are more perceived than real.   However, the public opinion that organic food is healthier than conventional food is quite strong and is the sole reason for about 30% growth in the...