Cultural Literature: Young Arthur

There was a king called king Uther who had a baby which was named Arthur. Merlin, the magician, then told the king that his old enemies have come back in rebellion. King Uther then fought his enemies and won in the town of Verulum, but traitors put poison in the wells in which the king and his knights just drank from. Everyone, except Merlin, who didn’t drink the poison, died. He then took baby Arthur and gave him to another king and queen. There, Arthur was raised into a young, strong boy. After many years, Merlin, who came from disappearance, had a sword in a stone. He made a tournament to see who could pull the sword out. King Ector, Sir Kay, and Arthur went to the tournament. Sir Kay was an older friend of Arthur. Before the tournament, Kay forgot his sword, so he told Arthur to get his sword. Arthur, in a hurry, found a mysterious sword in a stone. Not knowing it was THE sword in a stone he took it out of the stone, with no difficulty. He gave it to Kay. Kay then said that he took out the sacred sword in the stone, even though it was Arthur. Everyone came around him. Merlin then reappeared to see who took the sword. Feeling guilty, Arthur then said that he was truly the one who took out the sword in the stone. Merlin told him to do it again and w/ no difficulty, Arthur pulled it out again. The tournament said that whoever pulls out the sword in a stone, becomes the king of England. So Arthur was the king of England. Everyone said, “Long Live King Arthur!!”