Cultural Events

Cultural Event Paper
    Many people have seen a play or musical even if it’s only a small schools version of a bigger production. When the musical production Cats came out in 1981 it was viewed on the side of caution. “Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber working on his own, setting a series of children’s poems about kitty cats created decades earlier by T. S. Eliot for a bookless show being staged by a Shakespearean director, Trevor Nunn (Cats the Musical website, 2009). Though producer Cameron Mackintosh believed in Cats the musical, and its special effects and dancing felines enchanted everyone that was to see it. Of course Broadway producers sat up and took notice. It was not long before Cats the Musical was to arrive on Broadway!” The Broadway production achieved six million in advance sales even with a few questionable reviews; it gave the audience a very good run for its money. “The musical includes an eclectic fusion of pop, classical, jazz and rock music” Eight adults, dressed in hours of makeup and costume time (Cats the Musical website, 2009).   Dance and sing with such enthusiasm you get lost in the production, I saw the show personally in San Diego in 2006 and loved it, was a great musical and well worth of the money and time spent on tickets.
    Cats is an expression of humanities because it uses theatre, dance, music all things that require discipline in order to make happen and happen well. It would have taken months of practice before they were even remotely ready for their first actual performance. The genius as to why is simple the subject matter in which the musical was done cats, not many other composers and producers would use that as a subject. Sadly the hair of the actors represents the time period it was created in, eighties and big crazy hair they were just lucky that the subject matter and the makeup and costumes could work with the needed big hair and keep it from going totally outdated within a decade or two.
  Humanities are different...