Cultural Diversity

In my family I have Irish heritage.   We are half Irish and half German.   I wanted to learn a little bit more about my Irish background so I did a little research to find out more.   The Irish people were immigrants to America starting in the early 1700’s.   Most travelled by boat and came to America to find jobs and try to make a better life for themselves and their families.   By the year 1790 there were 400,000 Irish born Us citizens who had come over to make a new life for themselves in America.  
Irish America ns faced many hardships and judgments when they came to America.   The worst being religious discrimination, there was much segregation between the Protestants and the Catholics in this time.   Since most of the education was public there was much segregation in the schools and most Irish citizens felt that the Catholic religion was being forced upon them.   There really was no racism because most Irish people are white in skin color so there was very little room to make distinctions that way with this group.  
However, the Irish Americans fell victim to many stereotypes due to the background and culture of the group.   Many thought that they were boss-controlled, violent, voted illegally, prone to alcoholism and dependent on street gangs.   Irish are notorious for drinking beer and having a good time, so this stereotype of being prone to alcoholism was very hard to fight.   Another common trait of Irishmen and women is that they are easy going and do not like confrontation.   They tend to like to go with the flow and just enjoy life as it comes.   They try to not ruffle the feathers and make things as easy as they can.   Drinking just is a way of socializing and passing the time that is very easy for the Irish and it send a wrong message to others.
The Irish immigrants tended to go for jobs in the manual labor field.   Most were farmers and workers, they built bridges and railroads and also took part in canal construction.   They were very hard workers and...