Cu2684 Provide Support to Maintain and Develop Skills for Every Day

Identify some different ways you can support people to maintain and develop their everyday skills. Compare these methods in relation to what works well and what does not 1.1
There are several different methods you can use to support people to maintain and develop their everyday life skills, such as ask, instruct, prompt, show, Guide.
Ask is the verbal prompts which would let somebody know that's just time to do something or something needs to be done four example, would you like to get the vegetables ready for dinner now. They ask prompt may be all the support that person needs if they can basically do that activity.
Instruct, this would be a series of verbal prompts that tells that person what needs to be done one step at a time and helps them through the activity for example, put cereals in bowl, add milk, add sugar, get a spoon.
The instruct prompts work well if a person can physically do the task but needs to be reminded of the steps to complete the task they are trying to do, this will also depend on the person's ability to understand the instructions given, the best method would be to use simple clear directions that are easy to understand.
Prompt, this would be a clear gesture or sign to inform the person what to do next, it is very similar to the instruct prompt, that works a lot better for a person who does not easily understand words, using a miming act provide and A lot of information for a person to follow, for example, pointing at plates on the draining board that need be put away and and then to place in the cupboard where it needs to go and saying put it here.   you can use prompt and instruct together and this method works well.
Show, this is demonstrating what needs to be done, the demonstration method is more definite and gives more information than prompt. It will provide a higher level of support, for example putting one of six forks away in a drawer, handing the next fork to the person and pointing to the right compartment in the drawer to...