Cu2654 - Provide Active Support

CU2654 - Provide active support

1.1 Explain how the key characteristics of active support differ from the hotel model

The hotel model is a description of care which disables an individual in their abilities - taking over and doing everything for the person rather than promoting independence and being collaborative (working in partnership with the individual to establish the best ways of supporting that person). With the hotel model, a person can become institutionalised as they lose the ability to make decisions for themselves. Active support encourages a person to take their lives into their own hands as far as possible and live it fully and to their full potential.

1.2 Define the terms:

Promoting independence

To promote independence means to support a person to reach their full potential and really do as much as they can for themselves.

Informed Choice

Informed choice means making a decision when in full possession of all the facts and information.

Valued Life

A valued life is one in which the person is given respect, dignity and privacy and is supported to make their own choices about what happens to them.

1.3 Explain how use of active support can promote independence, informed choice and a valued life

Active support will promote independent as it is looking at encouraging the individual to take part in all aspect of their lives, it is given the person information to help them make decisions for themselves and this makes them feel independent and valued.

2.1 Explain the three elements in positive interaction that promote an individual’s participation in activity

Positive interaction -   is positive reinforcement that allows individuals to take part in their lives in a positive way.
Levels of help – this can be verbal instruction this is low support and when it is physical support this can vary and can be seen as high support, the level of support is to be given according to the level that is required.