Cu1454 Work with Babies and Young Children

CU1545 Work with Babies and young children to promote their development and learning
Explain the pattern of development in the first three years of life and the skills typically acquired at each stage 1.1

0-1yrs old
When babies are 1st born they are born with limited abilities. By the time they have reached 1yrs old they have developed considerably.
By a years old babies have learnt to focus, they start to show interest in objects around them and they are able to start handling them and passing them from one hand to another and with that they gain hand eye co-ordination. They show interest in the world around them start to explore.
They learn to roll over from back to front, shuffle, crawls, pull themselves up holding onto furniture, and move along holding on, and learns to sit up without any support.  
They start to produce teeth and have started to move onto solid foods, and they are able to build up a relationship with parents and other people who they are familiar with.
Language starts to develop, they start by cooing and then this moves onto babbling and they start to make different noises and different pitches, although they are limited.

1-2yrs old
By the time the child has got to 1yrs old they would have developed quite a lot.
They will now be mobile, either crawling or walking unaided. Their eyesight has developed and will be just as good as an adults.
They will start to show more independence, they will be able to feed themselves with some finger food and will know if they like or dislike a food. They will change their moods quickly and they start to notice the world around them and take notice of others are doing.
Their language will still be developing, and they will still babbling but they will start to add some words and by the time they get to 2 they should be able to start linking some 2 words together, and they will also have an understanding of some of what they are being asked, understand simple sentences and phrases...