Cttls E&D Unit

Unit 1 Equality and diversity - Theory assignment

1a) Meaning and benefits of diversity and the promotion of equality and how this can protect people from risk of harm.

Equality and Diversity is a term used to define equality and diversity, and human rights as a defining value of soceity. It is to promote equality of opportunity for all, giving everyone the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination.

“Among the yardsticks by which to measure a society’s respect for human rights, to evaluate the level of its maturity and its generosity of spirit, is by looking at the status that it accords to those members of society who are the most vulnerable, disabled people, the senior citizens and its children” — President Thabo Mbeki, Integrated National Disability Strategy, 1997

In the 1980’s the business case for equality and diversity was raised, and pushed for acceptance in businesses.   The reasoning was the financial benefits, as well as the business reasoning of harnessing skills and talents.   Those same reasons exist today, what has changed is peoples perceptions.

Diversity refers to the variety of differences between people.   I can cover race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, education, background and more.
The benefits of these differences are that people can have a greater variety of solutions to problems. They have skills such as languages, and cultural understanding.

The promotion of equality refers to actively trying to challenge the behaviour of others, which I am trained to do.   This would be done by trying to highlight the fact that being equal with others could benefit yourself.   Just because someone is different, does not mean that they are a poorer member of society, and have nothing to offer.   Just because someone has a different belief, is a different colour, speaks a different language, or is disabled does not mean that they cannot contribute to society, or in helping others.   Well known people...