Unit 402

Delivering Lifelong Learning

Negotiating with learners

All students need to have appropriate goals which should be discussed and set prior to the start of course. In such case of an interview, an initial assessment should take place in order to decide what route would be best for the student as well as what extra needs they may need. Initial assessments are followed by diagnostic tests; these tests are used to determine strengths and weaknesses. Some students may require additional time to acquire the required knowledge, content and basic skills; on the other hand, some students may have already completed some aspects of the curriculum in their previous studies and so a common starting time may need to be set in order for all students to have an even chance within the course. In my specific subject of Functional Skills are many graded levels. In this case, students would need to have a one to one interview to discuss what they have previously achieved and so they can be put into a class with others of the same understanding and skills. Naturally there would be an application progress when applying; in this period; questions would be asked about previous schooling and grades.

Functional skills requires a majority of theory work. And so, a diagnostic test would have to be taken to show the amount of knowledge they have in the core subjects, i.e. Maths, English and ICT.

Negotiating with learners is something that is very important when starting a new class; ground rules need to be set in order to maintain authority as well as trust and respect, between both the teacher and the learners. Ground rules work as an agreed system in which can help with safety and general learning; ground rules should not be forced upon the students, and they should be set through negotiating fairly. There are many ground rules that need to be set within a classroom environment. Due to the amount of safety risks within a classroom, there are strict rules that are...