Csr and Social Marketing


A Report


Course : PMBKT 51014 – Managerial Aspects Marketing
Course Instructor : Mr. D M Ravi Dissanayake

Semester I : 2013

Department of Marketing Management
Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies
University of Kelaniya

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
1. CSR in Social Marketing 4
2. Theoretical framework of CSR and Social Marketing 6
3. How organizational gain its reputation by CSR and Social Marketing involvement 7
4. Corporate Philanthropy 7
5. How organization maintain Business ethics by involvement of social marketing and CSR 9
6. Latest trend of CSR and Social Marketing involvement in Businesses 10
Conclusion 11
References 12


The concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and social marketing trend are works as in terms of corporate philanthropy or contributing for the charities and involving to social activities and gaining goodwill while making contributing to the communities have been practiced by many of organizations since late 1800s especially in the Europe and US. It had been legitimate in so far and it is directly benefited the shareholders while corporate donation being one of priority task on their agenda which could afford accordingly. Presently, the concept of corporate social responsibility has been developed primarily during sixties in US. This concept has developed with the idea of organizations responsibilities which go beyond their usual legal obligations. There are various schools of thought on CSR and Social Marketing which fluctuate in between two extremes like Firedman (1970) with the classical economic theory and Freeman (1984), Wood (1991) and Smith (1994) with socially oriented approach. The purpose of this study is explaining how CSR and Social Marketing activities support to gain organizational reputation while helping communities.  

1. CSR in Social Marketing

According to marketing point of view there are much of...