Cryonics vs. Time Travel

Technology and Society

Many people have heard the myths of traveling in time and freezing for the future, because of the advances in technology both are slowly becoming a reality. In this essay I will be explaining the difference between the two and which in my opinion would be the best for traveling to the future.
Cryonics is the term used when you freeze yourself after death, in hopes that they’ll have a cure in the future. Cryonics is used as a way to “restart” life. Freezing humans at 120 celsius temperatures has been done before on embryos. Cells can be preserved effectively if temperatures are maintained even the brain is still functioning somewhat at 8 Celsius. So with this science people rest some of their hopes on nanotechnology or nanomedicine. This type of science is where cells or little robots that are on a very small scale are designed to fix organs, cuts, bruises or help a deeply frozen body come back together quickly.
There are two companies that participate in cryonics, Alcor and the Cryonics Institute both seem to have provided false promise to a lot of people and it’s also one of the reasons that cryonics is so controversial. If you do decide to use cryonics you have to be pronounced “legally dead” but some people believe that it is still possible to come back because you’re not clinically dead. People are brought back moments from death all the time, when your given CPR, if you have a heart attack they would revive you depending on your wishes and in shorter terms the definition of death has become vaguer as science proceeds. Between Alcor and the Cryonics Institutes they hold 170 members and thousands are in line. To Alcor members such as Anita Riskins the ideal of being brought back to life is a great because she feels like her life is being cut short from the illness of cancer and has decided to be a part of an experiment. There are huge hurdles that the scientist are faced once they find cures so they can bring you back and the whole...